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Welcome to my dark corner of the Internet! Have fun poking around and don't worry about what's lurking in the shadows. I write about dark fairy queens, the undead, and other spooky things. You can learn more about my books in the Katerina Trilogy. Check out all of the twisted branches of Katerina's family tree. Want to learn about an author who thinks necromancers and lich tsars are cool? Come on in and read more about me.

NEWSThe Morning Star by Robin Bridges - the final volume in the Katerina Trilogy

The final volume in the Katerina Trilogy, The Morning Star, is now available! One boy is bound to her by blood magic, the other bound to her by love. Which bond will survive?

You can find Katerina at any of the following places:
Indie Bound | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books a Million

Signed copies of The Gathering Storm, The Unfailing Light, and The Morning Star are now available from my local indie, Bay Books.

Sometimes I crawl out of the writer’s cave and make appearances. For the latest Robin sightings, please check out the Katerina Trilogy Facebook page or my blog.

I look forward to meeting you!

Robin  :)





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